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Posted By: Faye Roche
19-Feb-09 - 08:34 AM
Thread Name: should the BBC folk awards be scrapped
Subject: RE: should the BBC folk awards be scrapped
The Snail- thank you, that was exactly the point that I was making.

I'd hate the folk scene to become like the showbiz world in which "celebrity" is valued more highly than talent. And before I start another argument, let me say that I'm emphatically NOT criticising any of the award winners. Please read that last sentence again- I don't want another accusation of trolling people I don't like! Isn't it true that the same names crop up again and again: Bellowhead, Eliza, the Unthank/Oates tribe, etc. There is far more to folk music than this very restricted list.

Even if the ballot is made in secret, I'm sure that the judges are privately thinking the thoughts that I expressed earlier- "Hmmm, I must at least nominate Eliza even if she doesn't win this time" etc.

Somone asked how a programme that incorporated all corners of the folk field- stars and unknowns alike, could be funded. Isn't that what we pay our BBC license fee for? Wouldn't it be good if you could listen to the radio and discover some hitherto unknown artist who was absolutely wonderful? Wouldn't that be good for up-and-coming artists as well? Wouldn't that be a better situation all round; where performers are judged on talent, not on how famous theyve become? (Again- NO CRITICISM INTENDED!!!)