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19-Feb-09 - 02:39 PM
Thread Name: should the BBC folk awards be scrapped
Subject: RE: should the BBC folk awards be scrapped
It's not quite that simple. Folk music may well be a minority interest but many of that minority, perhaps a majority in fact, like their 'folk' music to sound like 'pop' music. It's a fact of life. This further muddies the water. I don't understand why 'youth' is the flavour of the month when there are so many older acts out there who have served their time and received no recognition from the media. One has to come to the inescapable conclusion that 'young and pretty' is much more important than 'old and authentic'. The folk scene has pretty much shot itself in the foot on this issue. Already there are young artists on major festival stages announcing, 'I learned this from a Nic Jones album of me dad's'. What happened to learning a song from yer dad?
The BBC similarly, don't understand folk and the need to absorb traditional music rather than 'learn' some songs and tunes, and so follow their 1960s mandate of giving people what they want. The BBC charter actually makes it incumbent on them to 'educate', fat chance of that.