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Posted By: Barbara
13-Jul-00 - 01:09 PM
Thread Name: nostalgia...Pogo does F.J. Child
Subject: RE: nostalgia...Pogo does F.J. Child
The strip stopped running after Walt Kelly's death. His wife and son tried to make it happen for a brief period, but it took his genius come up with those amazing plots and it took his fine hand to do the brushwork.
Yes, I said brushwork.
Pogo is one of only a few strips drawn (I believe, AND lettered) with a brush. He was Bill Watterson's inspiration for the brush drawings (and some of the other stuff) in "Calvin and Hobbes".
Thanks, Bill, for the postings. Any of the songs will do for my pick. I've got more than a few Pogo books myself. I think I have the Body Politic, which is one of the "both barrels at McCarthy" books.
Barbara, the cartoonist who just tried to teach a class in it to 12 yr old boys, how do you teach 'em anything? How do you get 'em to hold still?