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Posted By: GUEST,ibo
20-Feb-09 - 07:33 AM
Thread Name: BS - Smoking in cars with kids
Subject: RE: BS - Smoking in cars with kids
Nobody should smoke next to anyone fullstop.I have a disease that may well have been caused by benzene,found in passive smoke.I have been performing in smokey atmospheres for 33 years and have never smoked in my life.It was shown that my lungs appered to be damaged as if i smoked.I now suffer from a rare form of leukemia that is being monitored and stabilised,thanks to our fantastic british health service.I have not suffered a major chest problem since the smoking ban came in,and i am now enjoying my performances.                                                             If you smoke near children,you are doing them serious harm,child abuse.All smokers are fools,and to deny this is ridiculous.I WONDER HOW MANY PEOPLE NEVER LIVED TO ENJOY THIS DISCUSSION.