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Posted By: Sleepy Rosie
20-Feb-09 - 12:40 PM
Thread Name: BS - Smoking in cars with kids
Subject: RE: BS - Smoking in cars with kids
Ebbie: "Frankly, I would like to see tobacco products offered only in the liquor stores, symbolic, if nothing else, that only adults are allowed to smoke."

Yes indeed, I ditto that.

Cease increasingly criminalising those already addicted. They are victims of a cultural, industrial, commercial and governmentally sanctioned behaviour, from which EVERYONE but they reap vast rewards!

Instead, just make it far, far less easy (even impossible for the young in particular, to become addicted in the first place.)

Me - I have no problem with the wholesale and outright *banning* of the *public sale for profit* of nicotene drugs - where those already addicted (usually from childhood lets not forget), could get their addicts needs satisfied by the state with zero stigma attatched...