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Posted By: banksie
02-Mar-09 - 07:14 AM
Thread Name: 60/70s guitars
Subject: RE: 60/70s guitars
I never thought I'd see discussion anywhere about Hawk guitars. I have one, which I bought in 1966, and have always found it a joy to play, with no problems with the action. The only issue is that, when gigging it people said it was a bit quiet, compared to more modern guitars.

I tried to do some research about them but finding information proved difficult. I tried the Whitechapel Furniture Museum (which has comprehensive luthier records going way back) but their best guess was that it was a customer brand name - I was interested to see mention of a Boosey and Hawkes label because mine does not have that, just a stencilled serial number. I assumed it was them, but the company denied all knowledge when I asked them.

But the museum did point me a Framus and the best I could find out was that, post-war, Framus did make a large number of such instruments, under many different brand names, with incomplete records kept of the names, serial numbers etc.

As an aside, in about 1982 I had it valued at Hanks in Denmark Street, London and was told £200, purely because.... "it was the make of guitar that Bob Dylan played when he first started out", and was therefore something of a `collectors' item'.

I am more than happy to assume that this was a `line' intended to impress a prole from the provinces. But it would be interesting to check that bit out. I have this strange memory of seeing an early Dylan promo picture with him holding a Hawk guitar, but I can't be sure that is now not self-fulfilling self-delusion. While I have not scoured Dylan-related websites diligently, I have not found the picture I think I remember seeing.