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Posted By: Monique
06-Mar-09 - 04:38 AM
Thread Name: Origins: Istanbul (Not Constantinople)
Subject: RE: Origins: Istanbul (Not Constantinople)
Leeneia, the tune to "Jean Petit qui danse" goes back to the Middle Ages. There's an Occitan version to this song; here you'll find the lyrics, English translation, sheet music, midi, mp3... and the actual story the song originates in. The French and Occitan versions are sung to the same tune, the Spanish and Catalan versions are sung to a lightly different tune. All versions are used in a circle game taught to children at school for them to learn the parts of the body. For those who know French, Zictrad is a valuable site with lots of information about songs background.

@ Robomatic: The song "Dominique-nique-nique" back in the early 60's made some people sneer, it'd be unthinkable today. Back then, the verb was seldom used and known, now it's wide spread. It was integrated into French through the repatriated French from Algeria and Algerians in the early 60's. It comes from the Arabic "nik", itself coming from a shortened form of the French "forniquer", which meaning you can easily guess. End of French slang lesson :-)
Would you imagine an English speaking nun singing a similar song if "Corkscrews" ever existed as a first name?