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Posted By: katlaughing
08-Mar-09 - 03:02 PM
Thread Name: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
Wow, some things change and others stay the same. We've had several BIG changes since I posted in '99.

We are in Western Colorado and have been since 2002. We've abundant sunshine, are surrounded by various mountain ranges, but it's all high desert dry unless you are close to the Colorado and/or Gunnison rivers which meet here. Or, the irrigation canals/ditches. We call this valley the "Banana Belt" of CO because it is so mild compared to the rest of the state. It's probably one bg reason why a lot of Californicaters Californians (sorry, Amos!) retire here; that and they like jacking up the prices, I think.:-) We are one of only a few counties in the entire You-Knighted States which is still growing and not suffering as much as the rest of the country's economy. Though I did hear a steel company is closing down and Halliburton is laying off...(guess Cheney isn't able to give them any juicy no-bid contracts now.)

Also, since 1999, we had another grandson, Morgan, who posted his first Mudcat thread just recently, in the music section no less; Rog started a new job; I got a dulcimer and learned how to play it; I got a new aortic valve; and, also published my first book.

Next December, I will have been on Mudcat eleven years and I owe it all to my dad who asked me to find him some lyrics!