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Posted By: Ed T
09-Mar-09 - 04:43 PM
Thread Name: BS: True IRA ?? Who are they ?
Subject: RE: BS: True IRA ?? Who are they ?
First, let me say that I personally feel this act was very wrong. But, I also feel that most, political-based killing is wrong.

Someone said to me once that most suicide bombers, who kill non-combatants (civilians or government officials) are seen by many as freedom fighters, not criminals. In many cases, their cause is the liberation of what they see as their land, society,or government, from what they see as occupiers or illegitimate rulers.

In some cases they claim to represent the interests of a majority, in others a minority...but always the real interests of the legitimate residents of an area or society.

We all have our favourite causes, and human nature makes us tend to favour one side, or interest over another in most conflicts. So, how do we define what is universally right or what is wrong? Where should the line be drawn?   

Here are just a few scattered examples, (many come to mind from history). Which are right, which are wrong?

Palistian suicide bombers kill Israelies.

Isrealies, kill Palistinian leaders and residents in retaliation.

Native American militants kill government agents on their land.

African governments kill the racially different, (not to mention death in the Bakans)

Quebec separtists kidnap and kill British diplomat.

US troops bomb areas killing civilians in Iraq

US troopps killed in Somalia and in Lebanon

Afganistan fighters kill Russian troops

Afganistan Taliban fighters kill NATO troops

Native warriers kill settlers in Canada and USA

British, Spanish, Portugese and French kill natives while colonizing

Slaves killed by many throughout history

Nazi's kill anyone rebelling in newly acquired countries.

Genghis Khan, Attila the hun, Mao, Lennan, and the Romans kill many

Roman Catholics kill non believers in the Inquisition

(Yet to be established) USA colonists kill British troops over taxes

Pacific Island natives kill Captain Cook.

British kill rebelling scottish and Irish.

Campbells kill MacDonalds (well, OK, that one is a streatch)