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16-Jul-00 - 03:18 AM
Thread Name: Guild 12 Strings
Subject: RE: Guild 12 Strings
Whew! This has got to be one of the coolest 12 string dialouges I have had the honor to eavesdrop in on. What passion and panache! The prospect a duel with dipthongs turned my stomach into a quivering mass of rasberry jello. But you know folks, the bottom line is beauty is in the eye (or ear)(or hands) of the beholder. Does it look right to your eye, feel right, sound right and will that baby stay in tune for more than a few songs? Does it agree with what's in your wallet? I have two guild 12ers: A 67' f-212 and a 76'sunburst 412. I have retired the 212 because structural mishaps (accidents and sloppy repairs) make it hell to tune, but I love that guitar and the dark overtones of mahogany give eargasms to this chap. The 412 is an absolute monster of sound and stays in tune for an entire set, (maybe two)but the monster description applies to it's looks as well! mid-70's guilds have notoriously sloppy appointments and this one is the worst with completely cock-eyed inlays. The workers at guild in those days may have been nipping at the rat cheese, if yuh catch mah meanin' But..the bottom line with this one is the silken playability and compensated saddle more than make up for fifty pounds of guiar on my shoulder. (not really, but it feels like it sometimes) Before the guilds I had dysfunctional relatioships with a series of Martin 12 strings until the theft of my new 12-35 made the used guild very attractive. I've been a guild guy ever since, although I must admit a rosewood Taylor once very nearly caused me to take all of my guitars in to the store to grovel, whimper and plead. The Apollinos too are fantastic, but again, is it right for you? We are living in great times friends! So many guitars to play and so little time. Get busy! Make some music and be sure to be in tune!