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Posted By: Stephen L. Rich
12-Mar-09 - 12:03 AM
Thread Name: What's On! (Who is Performing Where)
Subject: RE: What's On! (Who is Performing Where)
There's a great, new webcast!
    The Open Mic at Escape Java Joint (916 Williamson St. in Madison, WI, USA) is proud to announce that we will be webcasting LIVE every Thursday night at 8:00pm (CDT)! The whole kit and kabooble will got out on the web at
Red Dragon Free !

You Can Be A Part Of It!

The open mic will be interactive! You'll be able to comment on the action as it happens. The talent ranges from the way, incredibly cool to the wildly unique – from singer songwriters, to poets, to instrumentalists of every kind. Part of the fun is that we never know, from one week to the next, who might walk in the door. We've had hammered dulcimers, mandolins, pennywhistles, accordions, didgeridoos, and every shape of drum imaginable.
The rotating hosts, Stephen Lee Rich, Nancy Rost, Dave Schindele, Lynn Smith, and Ron Dennis, keep the diversity and variety of the show going.
Join Us!
That's Thursday nights at 8:00pm (CDT) at Red Dragon Free

We'll be watching for your comments!