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13-Mar-09 - 11:56 AM
Thread Name: Moondog Guitars
Subject: RE: Moondog Guitars
I bought a Spirit cutaway electro-acoustic in Feb 2008. When it arrived it was set up perfectly for my style and played like a dream. It was £250 and the case that came with it (hard fiberglass) must be worth £100 of that. The reason why this particular model was so inexpensive is because the back and sides are laminate, it's a stack and scarf neck build, and the electrics aren't the best in the world - 3 things that always make the build cheaper. But judging it by its sound, you'd never know that. However, after a month or so, I couldn't get a note out of it because it "settled" into my house which is far too warm and moistureless for a guitar made from natural products to stay as stable as it should be ex-works - all I got was fret buzz. Moondog took it back by courier - at their expense - reset everything and returned it to me - again at their expense - and it was perfect again. Where they've gone now I don't have a clue which is a bit sad really. The guy who ran the show was called Tim Nikolai and if you want to witness a guitar maestro in action - google his name and watch some vids of him. He's a genius. Judging by their lack of presence right now, I'm guessing you'll no longer be able to buy a new one. But if you see any of their models for sale 2nd hand, they'll make a great buy at the right price.