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Posted By: Malcolm Douglas
16-Jul-00 - 10:51 PM
Thread Name: Tune Req: Tunes for songs
Subject: Tunes for Mining Songs
Unless I've misunderstood, these are the songs that Phil needs tunes for.  Many of the texts are on the DT, but very few have tunes attached.  I can probably find some of them tomorrow; meanwhile, would anyone like to make a start?

Collier Lass (lyrics, no tune)
Don't Go Down The Mine Daddy. (lyrics and tune in the database)
Doon The Waggon Way. (maybe Waggoner??
Down in the Coal Mine (I am a jovial collier lad ) ((lyrics, no tune)
Farewell to the Monty (lyrics, no tune)
Farewell to the Rhondda (lyrics, no tune)
I Hate the Company Bosses (Sarah Ogan Gunning) (lyrics, no tune)
Miner's Doom (we have tune)
Miner's Prayer (lyrics, no tune)
Old Miner (Oh who'll replace this old miner) (lyrics, no tune)
Poor Miner's Farewell (Poor hard working miners, their troubles are great) (by Aunt Molly Jackson, no lyrics or tune)
Testimony of Patience Kershaw (Frank Higgins) (lyrics, no tune)
That Little Lump of Coal (Oh, to those who know no better, and the ones who do not care...) (no lyrics, no tune)
The Collier Laddie (I've traveled east and I've traveled west...) (lyrics and tune in database)
The Miner's Lifeguard (A miner's life is like a sailor's) (lyrics and tune in database)
The Recruited Collier (lyrics and tune in database)
Jowl and Listen. (no lyrics, no tune)
Banks of the Dee. (I am an old miner aged fifty and six) (lyrics and tune in database)
I'll Have a Collier (I went out to get some water...) (no lyrics, no tune - Barry Finn has it in a book)
In The Bar Room (More usually called "The Celebrated Working Man".) (lyrics and tune at Conrad's site)
Little Chance (no lyrics, no tune)
Rap Her to Bank (lyrics, no tune)
The Auchengeich Disaster. (no lyrics, no tune)
The Colliers Rant (lyrics and tune in database)
The Hartley Calamity (no lyrics, no tune)
The Putter (no lyrics, no tune)
The Stoneman's Song (no lyrics, no tune)