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16-Mar-09 - 04:11 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req/Add: Horse called Napoleon
Subject: RE: Req/ADD: Horse called Napoleon
My grandfather, who would be 95 if he were still alive, taught all of us the version below. It seems to include extra verses. He was from Wells County, Indiana, where his family has resided for several generations.

Horse named Napoleon

I had a horse, and I named him Napoleon-
all on account of his Bone-y-parts.
He was sired by old Hambletonian
and oh when he did start.

His thighs were so thin you could look right through him,
His hair was as fine as the best of silk.
He pulled me around in my old milk wagon
and when I wanted to stop I'd yell out "milk!"

One fine day while in the city
along came a feller in a rig so neat.
I said, "Come on Napoleon,
let's rade race right down the street.

So away we went - helter skelter.
I was a-goin' at a thunderin' pace,
But as sure as a sinner, I was comin' out the winner
when a cuss yelled, "MILK!" and I lost the race.

Took my gal on a boad excursion.
Had a great time, for which we paid.
Peanuts, crackerjacks, and popcorn.
Rinsed it down with cold lemonade.

Got on the train to go to the city.
Went in the smoking car and set down.
Stuck my ticket in the brim of my hat,
and the gal' darned wind blew it out on the track.

Along came the conductor and said, "Give me your ticket or
I'll put you on the track."
I got ahead of that gal' darned critter.
I got a one way ticket and I'm not-a-going back!