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Posted By: Azizi
16-Mar-09 - 09:06 PM
Thread Name: Homophobia in Playground Rhymes
Subject: RE: Homophobia in Playground Rhymes
I recall reading children's rhymes about the Teletubbies, but can't find any examples right now.

According to, one of the Teletubbies characters, Tinky Winky "has caused much controversy due to allegations that his character's behaviour, bag and body color have homosexual connotations."

One of the people speaking out against Tinky Winky was "The Reverend Jerry Falwell, a former spokesman for America's Moral Majority, [who] denounced the BBC TV children's show. He says it does not provide a good role model for children because Tinky Winky is gay."


But before the Teletubbies there was the rumour about "Sesame Street's" Ernie & Bert being gay.'s_Relationship

And before that there were rumours about Batman & Robin being gay.

And before that?

I guess this isn't anything new. Maybe it's just more explicit, like the records that leave very little left unsaid when previously they used coded words for sex.