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Posted By: Lena
17-Jul-00 - 08:16 AM
Thread Name: How Ethnically Diverse Are We - Part Two
Subject: RE: How Ethnically Diverse Are We - Part Two
Born in Italy from Arabic/spanish/jewish roots on one side,probably strictly tuscan(etrusch...?)on the other.Living in Australia with irish/italian sister who,despite not being able to spell two words in my language,seems to be incredibly similar to me(if you consider that if you grow up in Italy you are in a very conservative & moral country a,d if you grow up in Australia...well...I'm still trying to work out the Australian behavioural could be a new thread...).

the problem is:we all tend to think now that globalization,multiculturalism and "mixed"blood is the right thing for the future and I'm proud of my confused,colourful ethnic heritage but...I was wondering...panic...what about if we're heading to homogenity?! How important is human diversity....?!