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Posted By: Lena
17-Jul-00 - 08:51 AM
Thread Name: How Ethnically Diverse Are We - Part Two
Subject: P.S.for Callie
P.S.for Callie Your fair haired parents from Northern Italy(the traditional image of the olive skin,black hair,short body and warm voice italian comes from areas which used to be arabic/spanish kingdoms,like southern Italy.And Sardinia,which is a big mystery and was left largely untouched by invasions and mixtures)are probably not of Viking origins,but celtic.That's a very funny thing I still can't believe,but actually the first traks of celtic people are to be found in Northern Italy,a few centuries b.C.Looks like this self determined,tall guys gave many problems to other italian populations .They pushed away Etrusch and buried them in Tuscany and scared latins like hell. Latins drained all their treasures and gave them a huge amount of gold,until finally celts happily headed toward bretons isles. Pre-latin italic and celic language appear to be very close. that explais why so many Breton-celtic melodies sounded familiar to me,like italian lullabies and songs(the little we've left from italian folk heritage.) But hey,isn't it surprising?!