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Posted By: sian, west wales
17-Jul-00 - 11:10 AM
Thread Name: How Ethnically Diverse Are We - Part Two
Subject: RE: How Ethnically Diverse Are We - Part Two
Father and all his before him - Welsh. Mother's Canadian, of the generation which got stroppy over being able to write *Canadian* on census forms instead of *British*. Her mother was from Surrey and was sent off to Canada as a child by mistake by Barnardo's at the turn of the century. (Weird story) Mum's father's people were Cornish on his father's side and Orange Irish on his mother's.

To answer the second part of the original question (re: taste in music) I've always liked Welsh folk as well as religious music, communal singing, etc. Used to not talk too much about a sly delight in Country and Western ... but I'm *out* now, particularly since a TV producer friend pointed out how many big American CW names are of Welsh extraction ...