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22-Mar-09 - 07:38 PM
Thread Name: What is 'feral folk music'?
Subject: What is 'feral folk music'?
This thread
intrigued me, but because it's set up to be used as a gig guide - thought I would start another.

Greg Stephens gives a brief definition there:

'...the established term "feral folk" to describe folk music in its original habitat, as opposed to the concert arrangements of the Benjamin Brittens, the post-50's revival folk clubs etc etc, which have been termed "domesticated folk"'.

This sounds pretty darn interesting to me - people don't use this term down here in New Zealand. It seems to be a British thing. I'm curious if anybody can tell me: When did the term become established? What are some more of the groups or people associated with the genre? Once the music gets recorded (tamed into digital bits and bytes) can it still be feral?