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Posted By: Lepus Rex
17-Jul-00 - 06:49 PM
Thread Name: How Ethnically Diverse Are We - Part Two
Subject: RE: How Ethnically Diverse Are We - Part Two
Like Mrrzy, I was at the bottom of the old thread, so I'm gonna repeat, too...

"My father's mother's family is French-Canadian, and his father's family is Danish, Dutch, Norwegian, and Walloon, apparently. Oh, and a little bit German.

My mother's father's family is half French-Canadian and half Slovak, more or less. My mother's mother's family is Irish, Scottish, Welsh, and English.

Gets more mixed up the farther back you go... We're s'posed to be descended from Attila on my dad's side, muahaha..."

Didn't notice the question about if our ethnic backgrounds might effect our musical tastes. I guess it might, as I like the folk music of all my ancestral homelands, more or less. But most of the music I listen to is traditional Finnish, Swedish, Central Asian, Mongolian, and Russian and Chinese 'minority' stuff, so who knows. Though some of that might be explained by the old Hunnish blood?

---Lepus Rex