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Posted By: Woodstock
17-Jul-00 - 07:37 PM
Thread Name: Discussion: Universal Soldier
Subject: Universal soldier: Buffy's lyrics v. others
Here's a curve ball for y'all and a comment. In a version I've heard there is the line "Without him how could Hitler have condemned him at De Vaul." It is a version sung by Donovan, I think about 1965. Any thoughts of the deriviation of "De Vaul?" Also, is everyone sure the line is "condemned him" or is it "condemned them" at Dachau?

Also, I was interested at everyone's thoughts about Buffy's meaning and purpose, particularly in the last lines "He's the US and he really ... ."I once heard Don McLean answer a question about "American Pie" and what all the lyrics meant.

He said something like, "They don't mean anything in particular" (tounge approaching cheek, I'm sure). But maybe he was suggesting what every artist likes to believe about his or her work: Rather than TELLING us something, maybe a song like US should make us examine our own stand on such as war, the military and those who serve.

If that meaning changes over time, so be it. In which case, what Buffy meant to say isn't really important. I wonder if Buffy would much rather have us say what her words mean to each of us rather than to what SHE meant by them. I think Bill Cameron's comment was getting us to this point.

Thanks y'all.