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Posted By: Malcolm Douglas
17-Jul-00 - 09:31 PM
Thread Name: Tune Req: Tunes for songs
Subject: RE: Tune Req: Tunes for songs
Midis for the following have gone to the Mudcat Midi Site:

Down in the Coal Mine

The version on the DT comes from a recording by the Ian Campbell Folk Group; I have no idea which of the two commonly sung tunes they used.  It's sung either to The Roving Journeyman or to another melody, given in Karl Dallas' 100 Songs of Toil, and apparantly noted by George Korson: I've sent a midi of the latter to Alan's Midi Site.  The song was originally composed for the stage by J.B. Geoghegan in 1872.

Farewell to the Monty

John Pandrich (Johnny Handle) of Newcastle; "written in 1959 when the Montague Colliery at West Denton was closed by the National Coal Board, and the colliers transferred to new pits further east.  The Montague was an out-of-date pit and conditions in her were bad, but she had produced a lot of coal in her time, and the colliers had affection for their old workplace on that account; moreover they were reluctant to leave her for a colliery far from their present homes." (A.L. Lloyd, Folksong in England, 1967).

Rap Her to Bank (Rap her te Bank)

In The Bar Room (More usually called "The Celebrated Working Man".)

Conrad's links don't seem to work, but tune and text are in the DT:  The Celebrated Working Man.

Doon The Waggon Way is the right title, by the way.  Unfortunately, I don't have the tune.