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Posted By: Janie
26-Mar-09 - 01:57 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Two of the suits are silly. He is representing himself on the first. It was dismissed in small claims court, and he has appealed. It got selected for arbitration, but neither he or I intend to blink. He has already informed me in writing that if he doesn't get exactly what he wants, he will move on to District Court. My legal fees for arbitration are going to be about equal to what I would pay him if I ceded, but my attorney is very clear that I don't owe him, and that she is pretty sure she can get him ordered to pay my legal fees. And it is clear that it is time to draw a line in the sand. Don't know yet what he will do regarding the second. My best hope with both is that they are dismissed, with prejudice, and that he is ordered to reimburse me for legal fees.

However, we have shared legal custody, and have 50/50 physical custody of our son, who alternates weeks with us. (That was Son's choice.) At present, no one is ordered to pay child support. I voluntarily pay for son's medical insurance and medical and dental expenses, school expenses, new clothes and shoes, drum lessons, summer camps, etc. It is a struggle for me to do so. I do have a somewhat larger income, but he has liquid assets far in excess of mine. In addition, his wealthy father recently died, and within several months he will have a substantial inheritance, including, but not limited to, trust funds for both himself and our son.

He is suing me for child support. Under North Carolina law, he might get it. He is an irrational person, and not capable of weighing the financial costs and benefits to himself of pursuing all this. What Granddad's estate represents to him is more money to pay attornies.

Bah! Enough of this.

Let's move on.