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Posted By: George Seto -
18-Jul-00 - 12:46 AM
Thread Name: Tune Req: Tunes for songs
Subject: RE: Tune Req: Tunes for songs
Hmmm. There's a book I have, called And Now the Fields Are Green. It was put together by John C. O'Donnell. Published by University College of Cape Breton Press. ISBN 0-920336-43-4. The sub-title is "A Collection of Coal Mining Songs in Canada".

It doesinclude the song Don't Go Down In the Mine, Dad. It gives music notation and chords with the lyrics as sung by Charlie MacKinnon. It gives this information on the song:

The origin of "Don't Go Down In the Mine, Dad" is not shrouded in mystery. It was composed by Robert Donnelly and Will Geddes and published in 1920 by Lawrence Wright Music Company of London. Although flatly rejected as folksong in England, Archie Green argues that it became a widely known American folk song under the title, "The Dream of the Miner's Child"

Some speculate that the song was inspired by the great 1907 mining disaster at St Genaed in South Wales which claimed more than 100 lives, while others attribute it to the great fire in the Oaks colliery near Barnoley, England in 1866 which left 360 dead. The song acquired a Nova Scotian connection when Tex Morton, an Australian country-western singer, recorded it with a recited version of the child's dream:

I saw the sad faces of those praying there
Dear Mommy, so brave, and so still.
Said one ghostly miner, "My kid is like you,
He lives far away in Springhill."
There was Hank from Kentucky and Taffy from Wales.
All urgently whispered, "Don't wait."
Then a big draegerman said, "Aye, laddie, Wake up now,
Go back. Warn them. Hurry, before it's too late."

Now the question is how do I get the music out of this to someone who can do the MIDI?