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Posted By: Q (Frank Staplin)
26-Mar-09 - 05:12 PM
Thread Name: Jamboree: Oat Cakes?
Subject: RE: Jamboree: Oat Cakes?
Sometimes forgotten is that the American Minstrel songs and shows were also popular in England; a number of the songs appear on songsheets printed in England, and some were changed in content to provide an English setting.
Of course they would be familiar to sailors since the shows were reasonably-priced entertainment.

"Jenny, Get Your Hoecake Done" was printed in several forms, one English printing has been posted in thread 62528: Jenny get

The first verse and chorus:
I left Ole Virginny one very fine day,
The sea was wide, and I sail'd all the way
The wind blew high, & blow'd so cold,
It blow'd the ship to ole Liverpool.

O, Jenny, get your hocake done, my lady
Jenny get your hocake done.

"Hop Light Ladies (Lou)," mentioned above by Charlie, also was printed in England; one it called "Hop Light Loo." Harding B15(131), Fortey, Seven Dials, London. The song was revised into a pseudo-Irish version called "Jig Light Sue," Ballads Coll. 2806 b.9(132) Both are in the Bodleian Collection.
I have not found an English songsheet of "Whoop, Jamboree," but I would not be surprised if one turned up.

Not surprisingly, portions ended up in chanteys.