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Posted By: Joe Offer
18-Jul-00 - 04:32 AM
Thread Name: Mudcat FAQ - Newcomer's Guide
Subject: Revealing Personal Information - Privacy
I don't worry about using my real name too much - and my name is a lot more unusual than most. I don't give my address on the Internet or in the phone book - I use a post office box. I do not give my full name, my date of birth, or my social security number unless the recipient of the information has a darn good reason to know. If I can't figure out why they would have a legitimate need for the information, I don't give the information.
But I do like to be known by my real name, and it's nice when I meet Mudcatters in real life and they know immediately who I am.

I find it's helpful to use my real name online. It hasn't caused me any problems, but I do use some precautions: If you don't use your real name online, you may not need to be quite as cautious, but you should use some prudence about what you reveal about yourself. I think that women need to be a little more cautious then men, but I don't think anybody needs to get too paranoid about Internet privacy. I'd recommend prudence, not paranoia.
-Joe Offer-