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Posted By: Gweltas
01-Apr-09 - 06:08 AM
Thread Name: 50's Irish radio show?
Subject: RE: 50's Irish radio show?
From when I was a kid growing up in Ireland in the 1950's I vaguely remember a couple of radio programmes, broadcast on Radio Éireann (Irish radio) that might possibly be what you are searching for. There was LIVING WITH LYNCH hosted by singer and actor Joe Lynch from Cork and TAKE THE FLOOR hosted by "Din-Joe" (real name Denis Joseph Fitzgerald, I've been told). However, I do not remember what theme music was used in either case, sorry. Take The Floor was unique in the annals of RADIO broadcasting in featuring "live" performances of Irish Step Dancing!! In pre-television days in Ireland we just accepted this was perfectly "normal" and it is only in retrospective contemplation that I find the concept so amusing!!

I'm pretty certain that Radio Luxembourg wasn't broadcasting any Irish themed programmes back then.

Perhaps an enquiry directed to the Radio Archives Section of RTÉ (Radio Teilfís Éireann) will produce a definitive answer.

Contact RTÉ :
RTÉ Information Office
Dublin 4,
Co. Dublin,

Main switchboard
Tel: 00353 (1) 208 3111
Fax: 00353 (1) 208 3080
email to:

Still in nostalgia mode here..... and apologies for a wee bit of thread drift ........ does anyone remember the 1950's BBC Radio series "Journey Into Space" and the Dan Dare series on Radio Luxembourg, which used to be on when I was about 7, or 8, years old?? I had to beg and plead and promise excellent behaviour to my parents in order to be allowed to "stay up late" to listen to these Sci-fi episodes. From the moment I heard my first episode on radio, I became a life long Sci-fi addict !! I know it had been broadcasting for a while before some older kids clued me in that it was on, I have no idea at what point in either series I began listening in. Aaaah.... the magic of radio in combination with soaring juvenile imagination !!