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Posted By: Simon G
01-Apr-09 - 12:49 PM
Thread Name: Spotify - legal music streaming
My music listening has changed dramatically in the last two or three weeks, since I was introduced to If you don't know of it, and it hasn't made it across the atlantic form Europe yet, spotify offers legal music streaming using peer-to-peer technology. It is free as long as you can put up with a 15 sec advert every 20 minutes or so, £9.99 ($15) if you don't want the ads.

I've listened to lots of new things in the last week, but I haven't touched the music I've bought wither on CD or mp3. Maybe this is a spotify honeymoon, but something tells me it isn't I think a paradigm shift is occuring and I won't be going back to CDs or my hard driver for music very soon, except of course when I'm offline -- but that is getting pretty rare.

I've listened to some fantastic music that I would never have accessed before. This seems a great opportunity for less well known artists, for they are the people I've been listening to and promoting to my spotty friends. What do others think?