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Posted By: Snuffy
18-Jul-00 - 07:22 PM
Thread Name: Tune Req: Tunes for songs
Subject: Lyr Add: TEN PER CENT (Thomason, Smith)^^
Here's another mining song which I couldn't find in DT or the Forum. I'm sending a midi to Alan


(Words: Mary Thomason, tune: Pete Smith)

Come, Mary, put me pit clogs by
From t'jacket shake the dust
We've gone on strike for ten per cent
We'll get it, lass, thou trust
There's nothin' cheers our whoam so much
As a great fier of coal
But it's much as collier lads can do
To keep body with their soul

We've gone on strike for ten per cent
We're not downhearted yet
We've gone on strike for ten per cent
And ten per cent we'll get.

Don't bother much wi' food for me
But see our Joe's enough
If thee and he get decent meals
I'll put up wi't rough.
And cheer up me bonny lass
And little Joe don't fret.
That dobby-hoss I promised thee,
When t'strike is o'er thou'll get

I've had hard work t'houd up me head
Sin' we've been browt so low
And t'gaffers want us back at t'pit
But back we wunna' go.
I've been on strike for many a month
This time I'm staying out
And little Joe mun understand
It's not his faither's fowt.

Sung by Pete Smith (guitar) and Mike Harding (banjo) on Deep Lancashire, Topic 12T188, 1968.

The sleeve notes say: It is interesting that Ten Per Cent was, in fact, written by a woman, Mary Thomason, and appears in a book entitled "Warp and Weft", published in Leigh (a mining area) in 1938.
The tune was invented by Pete Smith.

Wassail! V ^^