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Posted By: GUEST,Another guitarist
18-Jul-00 - 07:35 PM
Thread Name: BS: Why aren't most Mudcatters musicians
Subject: RE: BS: Why aren't most Mudcatters musicians
Harpgirl, of course you would like for people to give it a rest. You have been acting terribly for several months. It is not enough to say you were wrong. You need to apologize to a number of people beginning with Jon Freeman, moving to McGrath, Shambles, Big Mick, and even Kat though she drives me nuts with her need to be a part of every conversation regardless of whether she has something important to say. But she didn't deserve the title of bully. I want you to know that I went back and read the Hearme thread, and this thread. Know what I found? I found that I cannot figure out what your problem is. Freeman didn't do anything wrong, McGrath either. Shambles was just being Shambles and that is nothing new or wrong. Jon Freeman, McGrath of Harlow & Shambles have been very good for this place. Mostly I checked on Big Mick because it really intrigued me why you would attack him so intently. I can remember times when you two engaged in banter. Like in the Tavern that Mick pointed out in the Garbage thread. Mick is a guy who has consistently tried to encourage civility here and could be accused in the Hearme thread of doing nothing more than speaking the truth. You just did not want to hear that. He told those that were opposed to your idea they were wrong, and he told you that you treated Freeman poorly and that he was owed an apology. Your response to that was to make a PMS joke. You should have offered Jon that apology. In the musician thread one could accuse Mick of being patronising toward Dale Rose. But if you look at the three posts that occurred on 15-7-00 beginning at 5:35 you will find that it was Rose that started yelling. Using capital letters is considered yelling on the Internet if you don't know that. I thought Mick's response was little more than direct. He usually uses more tact, but everyone has a bad day. If Rose left over that, he was ready to go already. Later that evening you called him "non-musical". So I went and checked. Mick hasn't posted much musical lately, but he was away from us for 3-4 months on that political thing he was doing. Going back from January 1, reveals a person that has participated in every aspect of this Forum, especially music, in a superb way for a long time. Your use of terms like "mythic person's/charisma" sounded mostly like sour grapes to me. It is important to point out that he never asked to be treated that way. He is treated that way because of the way his posts touch us all. When he hits an issue like the Christmas stories, or the Vietnam posting, he reaches into us and makes us feel it. There is nothing wrong with special status when it has been earned. You just seem mad that you have squandered yours. Mick could probably stand to make an apology for being a bit short with Dale, but I refuse to accept that he was responsible for Mr. Rose leaving. And you, or whoever was responsible for the comment made by GUEST:guitarist should be ashamed. Looked to me like unresolved Oedipal issues. How's your relationship with your Father?
You think this will just blow over, but it won't. Apparently you have had some strife in your life of a terrible nature recently. You have made oblique references to it several times. I am sorry to hear that. I am sure everyone here is sorry to here that. I have met the big fella and a number of other Mudcatters. I know that even with all that has been said, they feel badly for whatever you went through. That will buy you a little time, but in the end you must apologize for acting badly. How about it? Will you go back to being Harpgirl? Or will you continue being a harpie?