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Posted By: Lepus Rex
19-Jul-00 - 12:42 AM
Thread Name: Nickname II
Subject: RE: Nickname II
Eric the Viking, was 'Eric Bloodaxe' your ancestor? If so, we'd be cousins, muahaha...

Lets see... my nickname is... maybe 4-5 years old. One I used to use on irc. I started with just 'lepus,' but then added the '_rex' becuase I thought it would be funny. Ah, well. Thinking of changing my REAL name to Lepus Rex for a couple years, just for fun. Just to be paged with it, and just to make cops say it when they pull me over. You might say, "Oh, he's easily amused,isn't he?" But it's not THAT easy to change your name, is it? ;)

---Lepus_Rex (Will,for now, muaha)