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Posted By: Amos
06-Apr-09 - 07:52 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: What's Wrong With the BS???
From: Amos - PM
Date: 06 Apr 09 - 07:42 PM

It was decreed in days of yore,
When chaos reigned the lowlands o'er
And many a good post ended dead
That all BS go in one thread.

This bold decree, both brave and new
Was offered up by King Khandu
And this wise gem that Khandu offered
Was seized upon by Lord Joe Offer.

"I worship at your feet, Khandu!"
Joe Offer said. And thus we knew,
The Mudcat Clique had answered "Yes"
And blessed the Mom of All BS.

So since that day, when BS lags,
And fiery threads all seem to sag,
Abandon them, and every other!
And find your solace in our Mother!!

For men may sing and men may sin,
Fads will go out, and new come in,
Posters will err, and ne'er confess,
But in the world of True BS

Nothing more sacred ye will find
Nor trove a purer BS line,
Quality finer than spun Gold
Is the BS our Mother holds.

Turn ye from lesser threads away.
Come to the house of Mom to play!
There you well welcome be, and view
Only BS that's round, and true!

Full deep, full rich, and fully packed
Lacking no hue, nor hewing no lack!
All you need do is whisper, "Yes!"
Come home to the Mom of All BS.

Tournville Plein des Pētes Mauvaises
Chansons de Ma Mere Vraie
Paris, 1949