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Posted By: Liz the Squeak
19-Jul-00 - 04:10 AM
Thread Name: Distortion of History in Folk Song
Subject: RE: Distortion of History in Folk Song
Who says it's only in song? History is written by the winners, thus Henry Tudor (pause for spitting to one side) made most of those who fought on the side of Richard III into traitors, just by declaring the date of his ascent to the throne to be the day BEFORE the real date of the battle of Bosworth. The "great" historian Thomas More (PFSTOS again) wrote a contemporary account of the reign of Richard III, which has been accepted by all as the history of the Tudor reign. He was a Tudor propaganda spin doctor, who was rewarded by the Tudors and when Bosworth happened - remember he wrote a contemporary history of Richard III's life - he was only 4 years old.