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Posted By: GUEST,Annmarie O'Riordan.
08-Apr-09 - 06:48 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req/Add: This Story I Tell You Is True (Reidy)
Subject: Lyr Add: THIS STORY I TELL YOU IS TRUE (J.J. Reidy
Hi! This is Annmarie O'Riordan.

I recorded "This Story I Tell you is True" on my second album "Melody in Harmony" in 2006 as the mother of the author J.J Reidy asked me to record it as her son had died of a massive heart attack and his songs weren't given the recognition they deserved. I recorded the beautiful song and I did my very best to promote this emotive song but as I was only in secondary school at the time it proved difficult. I am in University in University College Cork at the moment and since I recorded "This Story I Tell you is True", there have been other recordings made which is great as I know this song has the power the evoke very fond memories of bygone days.

(J.J. Reidy)

Come stroll for a while through my memory and I'll tell you of times long ago
When we walked to school Summer and Winter, barefoot through the fields we would go
I remember our little thatched cottage and the half-door led into the hall
The crane o'er the fire in the kitchen and the grandfather clock on the wall

Oh the stout it was cured with a poker and poitin they said cured the flu
The bacon it hung from the ceiling, sure this story I tell you is true.

We went in the trap to mass Sundays and Grandad would wear his best hat
The priest would recite from the altar and the women in different seats sat
Matchmaking was part of tradition and the rambling house filled up at night
When the tailor would tell the ghost stories, oh the children would shiver with fright.


I remember the sound of the anvil and the burning horse-hoof we would smell
As we passed the forge door in the evening with water we fetched from the well
We spancelled the cows before milking, tied the horse to the wall through the shoe
His collar and hames, his winkers and reins, the harness we kept it like new


For miles to the fair in the darkness with our animals we walked with delight
When the wheeling and dealing was over, every one waited on for the fight
Now I hope that in telling this story I haven't detained you too long
For there is so much more I must tell you, some day in some other song.


Repeat last line!

I hope you all enjoy the song.

Le gach dea ghui,
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