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Posted By: Shalini
11-Apr-09 - 03:55 AM
Thread Name: Songs with lyrics suitable for children
Subject: Songs with lyrics suitable for children
I teach at a school and have been looking for folk songs to introduce to the children, to teach, or simply sing for them. Most of the most lovely folk songs I've heard have lyrics that I feel are either unsuitable for children (drinking, sexual references, etc) or just difficult for young children to relate to (love with all its complications, war, etc). I'm not looking for 'children's songs' or funny songs in particular, but perhaps songs about nature or other subjects they could relate to.

For example, I've modified the words to the Twankydillo that Maddy Prior sings to teach the children a song they love:

Here's a song for the jolly blacksmith
The best of all fellows
He works at his anvil
While the boy blows the bellows
Which makes his bright hammer
To rise and to fall
There's to Old Cole, and to Young Coal
And to Old Cole of all
Twankydillo, twankydillo
Twankydillo, dillo, dillo, dillo
And a roaring pair of blowpipes
Made from the green willow

I thought I'd teach them a shortened version of Castle of Dromore. They've learned Donna Donna and various popular folk children's songs. Any other suggestions?