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Posted By: TonyA
11-Apr-09 - 08:51 PM
Thread Name: Lyr/Chords/Tune Req: Bramble and the Rose (Keith)
Subject: Lyr/Chords Add: THE BRAMBLE AND THE ROSE (B Keith)
The Bramble and the Rose, by Barbara Keith

G                                          Em
1. We have been so close together            
2. Now I've hurt you, and it hurts me         
3. So put your arms around me                  

C             D                     G
1. Each a candle, each a flame.
2. Just to see what we can do
3. And we'll sing a true love song.

G                                        Em
1. All the dangers were outside us,         
2. To ourselves and to each other         
3. We will learn to sing together,            

Am             D                         G
1. And we knew them all by name.
2. Without really meaning to.
3. Sing and laugh the whole night long.

G       D            C                      G       C            D
- See how the bramble and the rose...... intertwine.

   G       D                  C                   G
- Love grows like a bramble and a rose.

Am                D                   G
- Round each other we will twine.

melody 1st verse (low b):
b b d d b d e e
d d d d d c b
b b d d b d e e
e e f# f# g a g

chorus (high b):
b a f# g g g a g ... d d g e f# g a
b a f# f# g g g a g
e e f# f# g a g