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Posted By: Barbara
12-Apr-09 - 06:11 PM
Thread Name: ADD: New Garden Fields & Unison in Harmony (CB&S)
Subject: RE: Coope Boyes and Simpson Lyrics help
How about the other song by these three, posted on youtube here:

Seems like a lovely song, but the beginning's missing, as are credits. I took a stab at transcribing it, but I'm missing a lot, plus the video starts at the end of a missing verse, maybe more.

Here's what I have: or die, would [   ] the air

Joy and laughter, born(?) in [   }
Raise the rafters, we don't care
If the roof's beyond repair...
Raise the rafters (3x)
We don't care if the roof's beyond repair

Sisters, brothers, to all others,
Let this be our guiding star
Thoughts(?) of violence don't aspire(?)
Hear the music from afar
What we sing is what we are
Hear the music (3x) from afar
What we sing is what we are.

Over hills and over valleys
Over mountains overseas
Nations shouting unto(until?) nations [    ]to be(?)
Unite us in harmony
Unto nations (3x) ....
Unite us in harmony.

Help would be appreciated.