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Posted By: Deckman
13-Apr-09 - 09:32 PM
Thread Name: Obit: Seattle's John Ross, Mudcatter, April 2009
Subject: RE: Obit: Seattle's John Ross, Mudcatter, April 09
This posting will be long ...

John and I had been having many discussions over the last months about our collections of folk music. He had been helping me get started in the proper archiving of my own collection. He also had been very active in the formation of a concertium of reputable organizations toward the goal of creating a public facility for the proper storage of these materials, as well as the public dissemination of these musics. These were key issues with him, and remain key with me also.

Since his death I have had several conversations with other archivists in the Seattle area regarding the future of our own material. Of course we are all concerned about the future of John's material.

Right now we are all asking the same questions: were their relatives, a will, an executor? We don'y know yet. Perhaps a will will surface that will give legal guidelines for the future repository of John's lifelong work. We can only hope this will prove to be the case.

On a personal level, the loss of John has caused me to realize that I need to revise my own will by paying speciall attention to the materials I have collected. I will be discussing this soon with my children. While they are not driven with the passion for traditional folk music that has haunted me all my life, they nevertheless have always enjoyed "my music" and certainly respect the material. It may turn out the I may simply place a certified letter in my will, adressed to my children, stating my desires for the future use of my collection. That alone might save it from the garbage dump.

This something that perhaps all of you also need to exam. Bob(deckman)Nelson