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14-Apr-09 - 03:33 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Swannanoa Tunnel 2
Subject: Lyr Add: Swannanoa Tunnel (Memory Coll.)
Lunsford varied the lyrics, no two versions are exactly the same.

Lunsford's "Memory Coll.," Berea College

Ashville (G)Junction, The Swannanoa Tunnel,
all caved in, baby, (C)all caved (G)in.
I'm (C)a-going (G)back to that Swannanoa Tunnel,
That's my home, baby, (D)that's my (G)home.
When you hear that watchdog a-howlin',
Somebody 'round, baby, somebody 'round.
When you hear that hoot owl a-squallin',
Somebody dyin', baby, somebody dyin'.
When you hear my pistol firing,
Somebody dead, baby, somebody dead.
Riley Gardner killed my partner,
Coudn't kill me, baby, couldn't kill me.
Last December, I remember,
The wind blowed cold, baby, the wind blowed cold.
The hammer fallin' from my shoulder,
All day long, baby, all day long.
Ain't no hammer in this mountain
Outrings mine, baby, outrings mine.
This old hammer, it rings like silver,
It shines like gold, baby, shines like gold.
Take-a this hammer and throw it in the river,
It rings right on, baby, it shines right on.
I'm a-goin' back to the Swannanoa Tunnel,
That's my home, baby, that's my home.
Some of these days, it won't be long,
I'm goin' home, baby, I'm goin' home.
Some of these days I'll see that woman,
That's no dream, baby, that's no dream.

pp. 236-236, with musical score, 4/4;
Loyal Jones, 1984, "Minstrel of the Appalachians, The Story of Bascom Lamar Lunsford," Appalachian Consortium Press, Boone, NC.
Copied from Lunsford's "Memory Collection," held by Berea College.