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Posted By: Janie
14-Apr-09 - 10:58 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
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Another interesting tidbit regarding caribou (at least in the Labrador region.) Apparently there are significant natural fluctuations in the size of the caribou herd. I'm not sure when the documentary was filmed - probably in the 1990's (I should have watched the credits.) At that time the caribou population was very high, with half a million calves born yearly, of which approximately 1/4 survive their first winter. The either the man's grandfather or father, (not sure which he was referring to), both of whom lived very traditional Inuit lives as subsistence hunters, never laid eyes on a caribou, never laid eyes on a caribou until that person was late middle age. Presumably the population of caribou was in a significant down turn and/or migration patterns had changed.

Doing a very tiny amount of research just now, there appears to be concern that woodland caribou populations are in significant decline in Canada and Alaska, but other populations are doing OK.

In case yer interested....