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Posted By: Genie
15-Apr-09 - 11:11 PM
Thread Name: Obit: Seattle's John Ross, Mudcatter, April 2009
Subject: RE: Obit: Seattle's John Ross, Mudcatter, April 09
Mary, the problem with an estate taking ten years is that that costs money, and it can mean that some things (e.g., John's books and music collection, in this case) might be sold at auction (and not to the people the decedent would wish) to pay court expenses (including executor's fees if the court appoints one at random). Handling an estate is not just about who gets money (if any). How it's handled can make a big difference as to whether one's wishes are given proper respect after one's death.

I can't speak for John, but I suspect that Stilly is right that John probably cared more about what happens to his "life's work" than what happens to his remains -- assuming that he didn't tell anyone how he felt about cremation, burial, or "the indigent process" either in a will or in person. But of course if there is anything we non-Puget-Sound folks can do to help in either regard (e.g., contributing to a cremation fund if needed), I'm sure there will be many of us ready to do that.   I did email John W for info and suggestions too.