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Posted By: Mrrzy
19-Jul-00 - 08:56 PM
Thread Name: Distortion of History in Folk Song
Subject: RE: Distortion of History in Folk Song
Actually, it's through folk songs that I learned a lot of American history, since I didn't go to American schools and if you think it's distorted in American folk, I give you French history classes! En particulier, I remember my (American) father being appalled that all I knew about the Civil War (or the War Between the States, as they call it where I live now) was from Hey Nellie Nellie (My coat of blue is stained with red, and the man in the tall black hat is dead") or Two Brothers (Two girls waiting by the railroad track / One wore blue and one wore black) - so you know the side in grey lost. But it wasn't for years that I learned that it had been the NORTH in blue! The songs don't mention the obvious, I guess.