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Posted By: devonleger
16-Apr-09 - 04:21 PM
Thread Name: Obit: Seattle's John Ross, Mudcatter, April 2009
Subject: RE: Obit: Seattle's John Ross, Mudcatter, April 09
Dear Friends of John Ross,

      I got the chance to speak to Investigator Monty Nelson today and have a few updates that may be helpful. The police are looking for a will at the moment and are hopeful. They basically said that everything was on hold until next Friday. They have not found any living family members, so any information would be appreciated. The number to contact Monty Nelson directly is 206-731-3232 (press #1 when the machine picks up to reach the bullpen).
        John's body will rest with the city until next week and he likely won't go to any indigent program without our knowledge. No provisions can be made for the Jewish faith at this point, as the needs of the City of Seattle supersede. As for John's extensive archive collections and any shared equipment, everyone will have to wait a while on this. Family must first be located and the body dealt with.
        For a memorial, John Watt has stepped forward first to help out with this. I hope that you will feel free to contact him about setting up some kind of memorial either before Folklife or at Folklife. John's phone number is: 206-783-6556.
       For geneaology, John's father's name was Murray Ross. His family was from Massachussetts, specifically Brookline.

Thank you,
Devon Leger