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Posted By: mg
17-Apr-09 - 03:56 PM
Thread Name: 99th Anniversary of Titanic-Sank April 15 1912
Subject: RE: Origins: Titanic Anniversary
Like I said before, there was a survivor who was not documented as such..Pat Blessington...he was a teen, I believe youngest of a family of 20 or so children and each brought the next one over..His ticket was probably not exactly proper but apparently he had one, and was not a stowaway as we had thought. He I think was in a lifeboat and got thrown over and held on to debris and was picked up by the Carpathaian. His family met him and took him to RHode Island? Delaware? I can't remember. I wish a historian would get hold of this story and track it down more. He lived in Longview, Washington and was a pillar of the church and did not make this story up. mg