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Posted By: jwatt
18-Apr-09 - 03:37 AM
Thread Name: Obit: Seattle's John Ross, Mudcatter, April 2009
Subject: RE: Obit: Seattle's John Ross, Mudcatter, April 09
I think that I can supply a few details missing from this thread. First, discovery. His letter carrier became concerned that the mail was piling up in his mailbox, and called in the police to check. They got in the house and discovered the body. The coroner says that the death likely occurred in the evening of April 6th. At present, the body is in the morgue in Seattle. While, technically, a Jew is supposed to be buried within 24 hours, there are exceptions to this in circumstances like this.

The police obtained a search warrant and found a key to a safe deposit box, which they will will be checking next week, we will have more information on this later in the week.

I seem to have volunteered to put together a memorial for John at Folklife. The two of us put together the Band Scrambles for at least 17 years. He was always the visible one, although some of you may remember that I was MC a few times. I don't know what form the memorial will take, although Jon Bartlett has already suggested that song and strong drink should be part of it. He also suggested the Northwest Court pub stage. I'll see if we can get it, preferably on Sunday at 5pm.

Any and all ideas and offers of help will be most welcome. I can be reached at

A great loss.

John Watt