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Posted By: pavane
20-Apr-09 - 05:38 AM
Thread Name: Help: Terminology for endless loop songs
Subject: RE: Help: Terminology for endless loop songs
Update on Foolestroupe

1. It has been proved mathematically that any recursive specification can be recast as an iteration.

2. A Recursive specification is easier to prove correct than an iteration.

I do not know of any 'recursive' songs, only iterative ones!

There are tunes which can be specified recursively. An example would be one with parts A B and C, where parts can further be subdivided into, e.g. Aa, Ab and Ac, which can in turn be subdivided.

abc notation does handle such 'part specifications', and HARMONY in fact uses recursive code to process the parts.

In general, any structure which can be presented as a strictly hierarchic tree is suitable for recursive processing.

Didn't the TV program The Magic Roundabout have a theme tune which went round forever?