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Posted By: Jim Dixon
21-Apr-09 - 11:26 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Sweet Little Town of Coleraine (Flavin?)
Oddly enough, this song isn't mentioned at Mick Flavin's web site, so I can't confirm that he wrote it, but I can't find any evidence that anybody else ever recorded it. For what it's worth, here's my transcription from the YouTube video:

As sung by Mick Flavin

1. There's a sweet little spot in the county of Derry.
If ever you go there, you'll want to remain.
You may travel old Ireland from Antrim to Kerry,
And not find a spot like the town of Coleraine.
Sure the boys and the girls never seem there to alter.
It's go where you like, sure they're always the same.
And if ever you're wantin' a light hearty welcome,
Just come to the sweet little town of Coleraine.

2. Ah, you hear about sportin' in the sweet land of Gortin(?),
With Mary or Lizzie or Cassie or Jane,
But more famous and pretty is our own wee Kitty
Who trips with her pitcher to the fair of Coleraine.
Sure the girls from Killarney, they'd fill you with blarney.
To hear of their beauty, 'twould drive you insane,
And the girls from the city, though they think themselves pretty,
Would never compare with the girls of Coleraine.

3. Though I'm here in this strange land, my heart is in Ireland,
And in that fair spot it will always remain.
Not in Galway or Kerry, nor the city of Derry,
But where I was born, the wee town of Coleraine.
Oh, my star of the north, shining on yon Bann waters,
I wonder if ever I'll see you again.
May good fortune shine down on the sons and the daughters
That hail from the sweet little town of Coleraine.