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Posted By: catspaw49
26-Apr-09 - 09:55 AM
Thread Name: 1969 Martin D-18. Worth?
Subject: RE: 1969 Martin D-18. Worth?
Tell ya' what Bruce......Ya' gotta' look at things on the bright side. Sure, you were a moronic dumbfuck of a numbnuts for letting the Telecaster go but on the plus side remember the years of service you got from the Framus. Sure it was a half-assed guitar, but it was also a great field hockey stick! And as a door stop no finer was ever made. Many folks up your way bought two, a 6 and a 12 set, as they made wonderful snowshoes.   

I know a guy, name of Ulee, who used his as a hammer to construct an outhouse. He then let it hang there to use for a little practice and singing while he crapped. That caused more damage to that Framus than anything else I ever heard. It wasn't Ulee's playing that was a problem but the fumes off his shit corroded the strings and was real tough on the finish.