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Posted By: Jeri
20-Jul-00 - 09:16 PM
Thread Name: WHY not fear the rumpling of her gown-O?
Subject: RE: BS: WHY not fear the rumpling of her gown-O?
Er, put another way:

Female walking through a park known to be frequented by Bad Guys.
He: "You really shouldn't be walking here. May I ensure your safety." She "Sure, fine, whatever."
They walk...
He "Oh darn, my feet hurt. Let's lie down for a while and fool around."
She "Oh, no! I really like you, and I appreciate you seeing me safely home, but I just bought this dress, and I'm not having you messing it up. I have a better idea - let's go back to my place."
He "OK"
They walk on until she is safely home. Her large boyfriend comes out and beats the guy up.