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Posted By: Art Thieme
20-Jul-00 - 09:25 PM
Thread Name: Distortion of History in Folk Song
Subject: RE: Distortion of History in Folk Song
I didn't mean to infer that historical accurcy wasn't possible to achieve. I only meant that it doesn't matter. And it's nearly impossible not to expect drift in spite of all care being taken. Time passing does that. I thoroughly enjoy the process. The "folk tradion" IS a process that takes time to achieve. That process is what makes things traditional. It's a matter of looking off a degree or two from plumb in order to see certain things a bit more clearly--lovely things that may not, in actuality, be there. But, alas, looking away those few degrees makes the view of the right-on details of things rather blurry. To gain the "correct" insight, all that's needed is to shift your gaze to a different biography of the same events. But was Braveheart (the movie) less real than the real facts of the life of Wallace? The scholarly writings will always be more on the mark. But the film (and Mel Gibson) sure put the recent vote over the top in a way that politicians never could. And what is a film if not a graphic visual ballad?

As far as what is right or wrong, it just doesn't matter. As Gordon Bok said to me on several occasions, "Art, is what is!"

Art Thieme